Eta Beta

EtaBeta 18 inch winter wheels Hyandai Glipeur Tucson Kia Sportage winter tire


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description tire and rims
Original EtaBeta-rims are in gebralsotem condition.
Alle rims were patched bzw. nachlackiert, rim caps with use traces, see XXL-photos.
alloy wheels: 8 x 18 offset 40
part number: ToffsetTSUT
tire-manufacturer: Hankook Winter i*cept  Evo  winter tire  
tire-size: 245/45 R18 100V DOT: 3911 | 2911 | 3313
tread depth ca.: 4,5 - 5 mm
vehicle models: Hyandai Glipeur TG to 191 kW, Hyandai Tucson JM (with Radhausverbreiterungen) to 129 kW, Kia Sportage /KM JE, JES to 129 kW
stock-Nr. (intern): E59 / 000266
delivery: 4 rims + 4 tire assembled, without EtaBeta-rim caps
accessories, like e.g. rim caps, rimslocks or wheel bolts,
are also available with us and can be ordered with this.
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the sales tax will revealed.
Prüfen Sie bitte selbst, ob der wheel set with Ihrem Fahrzeug 100% kompatibel is!
If your car has TMPS,
additional charges are possible